Annelis (feline_ave_b) wrote in islove_requests,


I'd love a colorbar. Here's the pictures and stuff, in no particular order.....and I only want one person on my colorbar, so bear with me...:

(I want only the girl standing on the left)

(Here, I want only the girl's face, as you probaby assumed :D )

(Just the girl on the right, please....)

Just the girl, please, OK?

And I want it to be called, "Karmine Alers is love". And I'm so sorry to ask for MORE, but:
-If bloodbarbie makes this, can you make it look like your "Many Faces of Johnny Depp" colorbar?, and on the flip side, if eboniorchid makes it, could you make it like your "Kris Kross is Old School"?? I'm so sorry, I know I sound like a bitch. But thank you guys so much!!!
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